This Mangalitsa coppa is a revelation of flavour. This coppa is a dry cured and lightly smoked shoulder muscle, so the fat that the Mangalitsa are famous for is intertwined with the ruby, delicious meat. A fantastic delicacy well suited for a charcuterie board.

How to Order (Qty): By the package
Average Package Size: 2 oz
Price per Pound: $60.61

Exclusive to Sanagan’s in Toronto, we offer different types of dry cured and smoked products made from the prized Mangalitsa Pig, a Hungarian breed known for its fat content, making it ideal for charcuterie. The pigs are raised by Barna Bakai, a farmer in the Niagara Region, who brings his meat to be cured and smoked at a few different producers in Ontario, depending on the style of charcuterie.