This Mangalitsa pigs are famous for their fat, and one traditional (and delicious) way of enjoying it is when the back fat is cured in salt and spices before being lightly smoked. The result is a thinly sliced, creamy, and rich treat that is best served on a piece or grilled bread or wrapped around a breadstick.

How to Order (Qty): By the package
Average Package Size: 2 oz
Price per Pound: $18.18

Exclusive to Sanagan’s in Toronto, we offer different types of dry cured and smoked products made from the prized Mangalitsa Pig, a Hungarian breed known for its fat content, making it ideal for charcuterie. The pigs are raised by Barna Bakai, a farmer in the Niagara Region, who brings his meat to be cured and smoked at a few different producers in Ontario, depending on the style of charcuterie.