Gusto Meze Turkish Mezes

In Turkey, mezes are served at the beginning of a meal, being light, flavoursome, temptingly displayed in small portions independent of the main meal. The diversity on a meze table renders eating a more colourful experience.

Hande and her team at Gusto Meze hand make these dips and spreads using traditional recipes and local ingredients. Each meze is unique and astonishingly delicious, and will transport you to a table on the other side of the world. Warning, these are highly addictive.


Green Feta is a blend of feta cheese, fresh herbs, and a handful of pistachio nuts per jar.

Atom is spicy mix of red and green chilis with smoked yogurt.

Muhammara is a spread of walnuts, chilis, tomato, and bread.

Haydari is a creamy mixture of yogurt and goat's cheese with a hint of garlic.

Mütebbel is a savoury blend of eggplant and tahini.

Humus is a classic meze of chick peas, tahini, garlic, and lemon.

Shakshuka is a popular mixture of eggplant, peppers, tomato, and potato.

Girit Ezme is a blend of spicy feta cheese and dried tomato.

Kopoglu Mancast is an eggplant salad with green peppers, diced tomato, and garlic.

How to Order (qty): By the unit
Unit Size: 350 gr

Style: Green Feta

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