Abibiman Project: Spice Blends

These spice blends will take you on a tour of Africa and some of its regional flavours.

Ras el Hanout is a house spice mix from Morocco but common throughout Northern Africa. Every person makes this differently, this is The Abibiman Project’s iteration. Based on the variety of spices introduced to the region by spice traders, and commonly used to season dishes like tagine.

Savoury Salt is made from fermented African Locust bean as a main ingredient. Also known as dawadawa, dodongba, iru or néré. They are a quintessential ingredient in West African cuisine. The seeds of the pods are made into a seasoning through a process of cooking and fermentation. The pure flavour is salty and rich which is best compared to the flavour of a bouillon cube.

Yassa Spice, as in "Poulet Yassa" or "Poisson Yassa". Yassa is a dish common in the Senegal-Gambia regions. It is a dish with mustard, lemon, onion and chili as its predominant flavours. The mustard and chili offer heat, the lemon offers acidity and onions, cooked until caramelized, sweetness. This spice blend combines the flavours of the composed dish by mixing toasted spices, house-made burnt red onion powder and dried citrus peels.

The Abibiman Project is an exploration of regional spices, condiments, and blends that Rachel Adjei started to celebrate the diverse cultures and cuisines from the African continent and Black diaspora. All profits from this project will be donated to the Afri-can Food Basket.

How to Order (Qty): By the Unit
Unit Size: 70 gr

Style: Savoury Salt

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