Edible Adventures: Spice Blends

Edible Adventures by The Paisley Notebook is a set of single-origin, small-batch, non-GMO blends using recipes create by chef Aman Dosanj, who had the idea to make Indian spices less intimidating and more fun. 

Royal Spice (60 gr): $11.99 
Deep with royal roots, made using all the expensive spices. Red meat and a bit of heat are its partners-in-crime. Sprinkle when you season your steak or add to your burger mince (because a kebab is a kofte is a burger). Let your imagination run wild.

Kadhai Spice (60 gr): $10.99 
As seen in the Food & Drink issue of enRoute Magazine. Fennel, coriander, cumin, and a touch of chilli.

Malabar Mix (60 gr): $10.99
A south Indian blend inspired by Kerala. Savoury with sweet notes from things like cinnamon, fennel and star anise. Delicious with seafood, chicken, pork and veggies.

Aman Dosanj is an award winning chef in British Columbia whose pop-up dinner project, The Paisley Notebook, has garnered rave reviews for its celebration of farmers, Canadian ingredients, and the people cooking.

Style: Royal Spice
$8.99 $11.99

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