Jaswant's Kitchen: Tadka Masala

Tadka is the flavour base of almost all Indian dishes. It is the process of frying onions, garlic and ginger in oil along with many aromatic spices. It is what brings an Indian dish to life. By simply mixing this spice blend with water, you create an “instant tadka”. This allows many of our recipes to be cooked using little to no oil, making our versions of these dishes healthier, while still preserving all of the flavour.

Jaswant's Kitchen locally produces all natural Indian spice blends.  They start with great quality whole spices that are inspected, sifted, dry-roasted and then ground. Finally they blend the various ground spices together in the right proportions to make the Jaswant's Kitchen signature spice blends. Use them for a taste of Indian home-cooking.

How to Order (Qty): By the unit
Unit Size: 70 gr


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