Tropic Thunders Eggplant Chutney Hummus Topper

This obscure condiment hails from Goa in India, due to the unrelenting heat in summer many of the chutneys are preserved in oil to protect them. As a result these condiments are insanely flavourful as they marinate and mellow out in the jars and impart their flavour into the oil as well which is sometimes decanted as a separate condiment. Our version features Italian eggplant, Kashmiri chilli, garlic as well as mum’s secret blend of spices. It also has copious amounts of vinegar that give it its signature “hot and sour” flavour synonymous with Goan cuisine from the influence of its Portuguese heritage.

Tropic Thunders is a hot sauce company inspired by the merging of two unique cultures in Toronto through a matrimonial celebration of Chef Amancio & Sarinya. They have added their unique twists of exotic flavour from the tropics using locally sourced ingredients representing their love for the diversity of Canada and the harmony between each other.

How to Order (Qty): By the unit
Unit Size: 300 ml