Tropic Thunders: Nahm Prik Pao Thai Chili Jam

A Thai staple reimagined, this obscure condiment is the hidden flavour punch in all your favourite Thai street foods! It is kind of a chutney if loosely translated. It belongs to the nam prik category of sauces in the Thai repertoire, these sauces are usually a thick paste with coarse or smooth varieties and incredibly aromatic as they serve as a ‘seasoning’ for cooking a stir fry or as a “dip” with fresh vegetables. Our version is redolent with dried chilli, roasted shallots and garlic and perfectly balanced for that quintessential South east asian combo of “hot, sour, salty, sweet”

Tropic Thunders is a hot sauce company inspired by the merging of two unique cultures in Toronto through a matrimonial celebration of Chef Amancio & Sarinya. They have added their unique twists of exotic flavour from the tropics using locally sourced ingredients representing their love for the diversity of Canada and the harmony between each other.

How to Order (Qty): By the unit
Unit Size: 300 ml


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