Hakubaku: Organic Noodles

Hakubaku is a Japanese company that makes traditional noodles from organic grains grown in Australia. Hakubaku is passionate about producing the ultimate authentic Japanese noodles from the best, sustainably sourced ingredients.

How to Order (Qty): by the unit
Unit Size: 270 gr

Ramen noodles are medium-thin noodles for hot soups with toppings. 

Soba noodles are a traditional buckwheat noodle often eaten cold with a dipping sauce or in salads. Known for their chewy texture, they hold up great to dressings or sauces.

Somen is the thinnest of all Japanese noodles. They are almost like vermicelli, and are quick to cook. They are made from a hard organic wheat that gives a different texture and bite.

Udon noodles are flat with a texture suitable for more hearty dishes. Although Udon noodles can be served cold, these thicker, soft, but slightly chewy, white noodles are usually served hot with various toppings, added to a hotpot dish and cooked with other ingredients, or sometimes included in a curry soup.

Type: Ramen

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