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You can purchase tickets for our upcoming classes here.  Please note that this product must be purchased on it's own, and must be processed as a separate transaction from any other products (multiple tickets may be purchased in one transaction).

Following each completed class, a new round of tickets will be available for the next session.

Classes are limited to 8 people each.   All classes take place in-person at our Kensington Market location (176 Baldwin St., Toronto).  Classes will begin at 7pm after the store is closed.

Tickets cost $100 plus tax, and include products to take home.

Class descriptions:

Sausage Masterclass: Learn about the history of sausage production, and what the different types are. We’ll talk about protein extraction, seasonings, preservatives, and so much more! Finally, each person will be involved (with partners) in mixing and piping their own sausages to take home.  This is a great class for anyone who has always wanted to go to the next level with sausages.

Charcuterie Night: Our resident Charcutier Scott Draper will lead an informative session on the history and types of charcuterie, all while demonstrating his technique for building a pâté en croûte. We will discuss mousses, pâté, rillettes, and salumi; how they are made, what they are preserved with, and how to best enjoy them. This is a great class for people who are interested in learning more about this lost art, and there will be plenty of tastings for all attendees. Note that this class is only a demonstration (with samples), and guests will take home a selection of our house-made charcuterie to share with friends and family (or keep for themselves).

Chicken Butchery: Learn about how chickens are raised and about different breeds. We’ll discuss what makes chicken the number one protein in North America, and all attendees will learn how to break down a chicken into parts, as well as how to truss a whole chicken for even roasting. Attendees will take everything they butcher home with them.

Style: Charcuterie Night - May 2

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