Sabor Amor: Mexican Salsa Machas

Created by Chef Rodrigo Aguilar-Salas of El Rey Restaurant in Kensington Market, these authentic chili sauces add a burst of flavour to dressings, marinades, cocktails - just about anything you can imagine!

Hot Classica (4 oz) is inspired by the flavours of Oaxaca, located on the southern coast of Mexico. 

Sweet Morella (4 oz) is inspired by the flavours of Michoacan near the central west region of Mexico. 

Both are oil-based condiments prepared with a base of roasted peanuts, roasted cashews, toasted sesame seeds, red wine vinegar, olive oil, chilies, and tomatillos. They differ in the sweetness levels - Hot Classica has prunes while Sweet Morella has pineapple and apricots. Both will leave you wanting more!

Style: Hot Classica
$8.99 $12.99

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